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YAG Laser
YAG laser can be used to treat many different conditions in the eye. It is often used to treat

1. Posterior capsule opacity
2. Narrow angles/ Angle closure glaucoma

Posterior capsule opacity

Several months or years after cataract surgery, the thin, transparent capsule that holds the artificial intra-ocular lens in place can become cloudy. Such a condition results in the patient experiencing glare and blurring of vision. This is easily treated using YAG laser to create a small opening in the cloudy capsule, allowing the patient to enjoy clear vision as he/ she had experienced before.

Narrow angles/ Angle closure glaucoma

This is a common condition especially among Asians. Other risk factors are female gender and age more than 60 years. The Pascal laser is used in combination with the YAG laser to create a small opening in the iris (the coloured part of the eye) to widen the drainage angles of the eyes, improve fluid drainage within the eye to help control eye pressure and prevent high pressure spikes from acute glaucoma.

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