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Avanti – Widefield Enface OCT and Angiovue
Eye & Retina surgeons is proud to have recently acquired the Avanti machine from Optovue. It allows detailed assessment of the eye from the cornea to the retina all on one platform. These high resolution, 3 dimensional images enhances our capabilities to provide accurate diagnosis and management for our patients.

Cornea and Anterior Segment

High resolution images of cornea and the angles of the front of the eye assists in our assessment of patients who have had cornea transplants and identify patients at risk of angle closure glaucoma.


Another useful function is the assessment of the optic nerve head for identifying patients with glaucoma and monitoring their progression.


In the past, separate machines were required to first scan the retina to provide a map of the retina while the standard for investigation of abnormalities in the vasculature of the retina required the injection of a dye into the vein of the patient. This is invasive and can sometimes be difficult if a patient has very fine veins or if the patient has an underlying allergy to the dye used.

This machine with its, the forty degree wide field enface analysis allows us to scan and provide a wide area of coverage as well as in depth multi-layered assessment of the retina and choroid at various levels, without the need for an invasive procedure.

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Avanti – Widefield Enface OCT and Angiovue
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